2001年、勝又健と清水徹が東京の小さな工房で手づくりの木製家具のデザイン・製作・販売を始め、monokraftを設立しました。その後、勝又は独立。2002年から北海道・東川の家具工場インテリア ナスに生産を依頼しています。現在は清水徹のオリジナル既製家具、インテリアデザインを含めた特注家具のデザイン、販売をしています。2015年から一部の家具は旭川のガージーカームワークスに製作を依頼。2018年からは東川町に遠藤覚とともに東10号工房を開設し、箱物家具を中心に製作を始める予定です。




Monokraft was established by Ken Katsumata and Toru Shimizu in 2001 as a small atelier in Tokyo, in order to design, produce and sell handmade wooden furniture. Ken Katsumata left to be on his own. From 2002 all the production has been transferred to the Interior NASU factory in Higashikawa. Monokraft is now producing and selling original wooden furniture and made to order design furniture as well as supplying original interior design service.

Toru Shimizu

Born in Tokyo, 1968. Spent his childhood in France. Graduated from Waseda University, Science and Engineering, Dept. of Architecture. Graduated from Tama Art University. Dept. of Design. After working as editorial designer for the design magazine “AXIS” and as assistant at Takaichi Architect & Associates, he is working on his own.